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A simple & easy system that gets results


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Well Kids

The premium chiropractic software & care management system

Well Kids is a one stop product that helps you deliver premium consistent professional chiropractic care that tracks results and wows your families!


Developed by Dr Jacey Pryjma after a 3 year consultation with parents, children and chiropractors around Australia. Well Kids offers chiropractors a simple, easy system that gets results. It is now being sold internationally, changing more lives than ever before.

Well Kids Program - Watch Our

Well Kids allows you to save time in practice while providing premium chiropractic care that gets results for your practice and records results of care too!

Make working with kids easy!

Well Kids Software & Care Management System takes the frustrating and time consuming factors out of working with kids. It streamlines examination systems, quantifies and documents care while producing reports that improve communication and care management for children under care. Imagine that, a whole specifically designed software and system that makes life easier in practice. 

Age Specific Exams

It’s can be difficult to perform examinations on kids for consistent recording, because every age group is so different.

We’ve solved that! Age-appropriate exams are provided with every program.

Everything Is Ready For You

It takes time and energy to research and create new ways to make paediatric forms, paperwork and procedures.

Over three years of development, graphic designers and thousands of dollars later – Well Kids paperwork is sleek, professional and educates while saving your time in practice.

Engage Kids In Change

We know it can be hard to ask children & parents to change habits at home.  Lifestyle changes are often challenging to manage. Well Kids provides tools to make this part of care easier.

Well Kids provides hand outs, exercise templates and home care information to support families to make the recommended changes.

Reporting Methods

There are no reporting structures for Chiropractors – so it’s hard to show parents when their child needs support if its not obvious!

With our program it is covered with individualised kids Reports & Care Plans.

Set Goals – Improve Goal Setting

It is tricky deciphering parents concerns and understanding their needs, and then working with them for the benefit of their children.

The Program helps you develop and deliver short and long-term goals to keep care on track.

Well Kids Program Gets Results For Your Practice

Why Well Kids is the perfect business tool for chiropractors

  • Performing detailed age specific examinations on every child, every time
  • Monitoring and measuring health changes under chiropractic care
  • Be consistent in your report of findings & communication
  • Providing detailed and specific health reports to facilitate a high percentage of parents agreeing to your care plans
  • Setting health goals for children that both you and the parents can work towards
  • Making a good first impression by having professional and clean paperwork

Well Kids Program is for you!

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