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I am extremely proud to offer a Scholarship program for Chiropractic Students, New Graduates and deserving Chiropractors each year.

My scholarship program was developed in response to the financial difficulties felt by students and new graduates in being able to afford vital seminars when starting out in practice. It also further builds the confidence and practice certainty in relation to chiropractic paediatric care. It’s my way of giving back to a profession I cherish and helping to secure its future in family care.

Why Offer A Scholarship Program

As a new graduate I really struggled to find my feet with family care. University gave me excellent education on how to adjust, management of back pain and other spine related disorders in adults. However, working with children was daunting, dynamic and often unpredictable. How do I manage their care? How do I communicate with them? The other tricky thing was finances. I graduated with debt and struggled to pay for rent in our contractor style industry, let alone get to the seminars I truly needed.

Although I had the opportunity to observe some amazing chiropractors during that time, I found the path to confidence and competency in family care a difficult one. This uncertainty really concerned me and I remember this vividly still today.

Now that I am travelling around the world, teaching, training and working online with Chiropractors it is now time to help you, the Chiropractic Student / Graduating Chiropractor to gain skills, direction and confidence early so you can hit the ground running.

In my first year of business during the 2014-2015 financial year, my Scholarship fund awarded just under $10,000 worth of seminar education and products.

Listen to some of our amazing scholarship recipients and hear how we were able to instil confidence, help with direction and competency when it comes to managing kids in practice, planning their care and managing their progress under chiropractic care.

What people are saying

I found the ‘Mark their steps’ seminar useful to better understand the management of kids and the communication that can be improved so we can get parents to understand the importance of the care. I also really liked the layout of the Well Kids program which is a useful resource to have in practice. Thanks to the ‘Mark their Steps’ program for the scholarship as a new graduate the knowledge has been so helpful!

Kelly Costa, Perth 2015

Mark their Steps was very inspirational, motivational and educational. I had high expectations for the day but they were exceeded! Would recommend all my fellow chiros/students who have an interest in family health to attend this workshop. Thank you very much!

Shady Shafei, Sydney 2015

Content was very clear, and easy to understand and put into practice. The purpose was repeated and reiterated so I know exactly what I need to do… I’m just burning to get into practice already!!!

Michaela Copeland, Melbourne 2015

Thanks heaps! I’m looking forward to implementing parts of this program tomorrow in clinic!

Nicola Steward, Sydney 2015

The most inspirational seminar I have attended. Helped me see a brighter future for me as a practitioner and for the wellbeing of my future chiropractic kids. Refocused my passion for functional wellbeing and given me confidence for my future care of children.

Sophie Parish, Sydney 2015

Learnt a lot of different/unique ways to put into practice immediately. The content was very relevant for me as a practitioner to put in place and treat kids effectively.

Jennifer Do, Sydney 2015

2016 Scholarship Applications NOW CLOSED

Our Scholarship program offers full and part scholarships to the following events and products. You may nominate for one or all scholarship options.

  • Mark their Steps Live – Held at various locations around Australia & New Zealand
  • Mark their Steps ONLINE
  • Well Kids Program License
Applications close May 1st 2016.
Terms & Conditions
  1. Applicants must be Chiropractic Students or practicing Chiropractors in Australia or New Zealand
  2. Have not previously been awarded a Scholarship from Jacey Pryjma Pty Ltd or Well Kids Pty Ltd
  3. If the Applicant is an associate and applying for a Well Kids scholarship, they must have permission from Principal chiropractor for implementation of the Well Kids program in the office
  4. Scholarships are not able to be transferred to another person
  5. Scholarships must be used with in the year of application, ie. 2016
  6. Proof may be required of registration in a Chiropractic degree or professional registration in Australia or New Zealand
  7. Successful recipients will be notified via phone at various dates related to each event/product