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When a Child Doesn’t Enjoy A Chiropractic Adjustment

Have you ever had trouble working out when a child doesn’t enjoy a chiropractic adjustment, is it because of the technique you use, or are they just being naughty? It can sometimes be hard to tell.

There are so many chiropractic techniques out there. It is important to have a full range that you call on to use with different children. I personally use a mix of activator, toggle and manual, hands on adjusting.

Some kids don’t like the feeling of a manual adjustment, some the activator, and some dislike the chiropractic table.

But what is tricky is working out if a child is being defiant because of the adjustments themselves, the situation, how they are feeling that day or if they just like stirring the pot.

I had an 8 year old vibrant boy coming in to get adjusted for two weeks. His mother brought him to the practice because of the amount of tension and anxiety he experienced. He also had very obvious behavioural issues as well.

Well Kids Photo - Dr Jacey Pryjma - Activator Chiropractic AdjustmentAfter two weeks of adjustments, this day he came in and flat out refused to get on the table for an adjustment. He kept saying “I don’t want to do it; I don’t want to do it.”

Was he concerned about the adjustments or was he just being naughty? Every other appointment was a struggle to negotiate with him, but today felt different.

Mum and I stayed strong as a team; we talked to him about why he didn’t want an adjustment and as a group decided to try a different technique.

I then modified my approach. I chose to use some blocking, activator methods plus a logan technique. He was great!

No matter how naughty or disruptive a child is, always look for ways you can make their experience suit them. Keep the child in the loop and give lots of praise.

Have you come across a child with behavioural issues and had a similar experience?

Have you ever had a child that you needed to change your adjusting technique?

I would love to hear your thoughts and read your comments below!

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