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How to welcome back a family

Have you got families that fall in and out of care? They are very irregular with their appointments and come in only when something is feeling ‘wrong’?

In this video I cover how to re-start and work effectively with reactive families.

Families drop out of care for all sorts of reasons. It could be reasons to do with the chiropractor, the care provided, family circumstances or due to reasons completely unforeseen.

What ever the reason, making sure a family feels welcomed is important to get them under care once again.

One of the most significant things you can do is to think about the WAY you re-activate them. The things you say and do at this point will set the tone for their subsequent visits. You will either facilitate the cycle of them starting and stopping care again or really get down to the bottom of what they are thinking and feeling.

By not addressing any obstacles, problems or concerns the parents have, you’re more than likely find that their use of chiropractic won’t change.

I find that if children aren’t in regular schedule, I see inconsistent results and therefore rather than parents realising that more adjustments were needed – they feel that chiropractic in general isn’t working.

So bringing up opportunities to talk about why the family have been absent is top priority.

You need to know:

  • If there there something that you could have don’t better
  • If parents didn’t feel heard
  • If the symptoms were ‘fixed’ but now their back
  • If the child didn’t like the adjustments

During these appointments you will find some of most important and useful information to use moving forward. The valuable information you learn here will help you to improve your care and communication.

Some of the chiropractors that I’ve been working with were a little bit nervous talking about schedules and essentially let the parents dictate when their children would have their adjustments. This might mean every month, but usually every two to three months or sometimes just when their child was injured; fell over or just in pain.

If you are not confident in scheduling, or doing ROF in general, you may find this daunting at first – so follow this formula to help get the conversation started.

During this conversation you want to cover three things.

1) That you are aware that they have stopped and started care at various times

2) There were understandably reasons behind not sticking to a schedule

3) That you want to make it easier to stay under care, in the recommended schedule

This means you have to ask a couple simple questions. And here is how I do it-

‘Welcome back – its great to have you here again. What’s been happening in your world?

What has brought you back to us now?

Here I let them talk – I want to find out what’s been going on. You may get your answer about why they had a break from care, you may not. If not, its time for a few more questions.

I find sometimes when we don’t see families for a period, there may have been a lot going on at home, or perhaps we haven’t provided something that made it easier to stay under the schedule we recommended. Was there anything else I can provide or perhaps explain to support you with that?

At this point listen and do not look away. Give them your full attention.

Then ask, what is your goal for your child right now? Long-term?

This will give you the idea if they are here for general health OR short term care.

Then finally continue ‘Well what we need to do today is do a full re-assessment and put together a new plan. A lot can happen over 4/6/8 months (insert their time away from care here) and I want to make sure I have everything I need to provide the best advice and care’.

Its Simple, polite yet direct.

Once you have booked in your re-exams, you’ll need to provide a great exam. If you’re not sure on how to go about doing that, check out our other videos for ideas or come to one of our Mark Their Steps seminars to learn how we do it at Well Kids.

SO now I’d like to hear from you. How do you handle conversations like this with families that drop in and out of care?

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