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The Child That Says No

Child SadThe perfect day that has been running smoothly and filled with happy children can easily be thrown out of whack the minute you get a young child that says No!

No to getting onto the table, No to sitting on mum’s lap and No to being adjusted.

It can make your whole day run late and often frustrates the parents too as they feel either embarrassed or sorry that they have thrown out your schedule.

Even worse, often the family will leave without their child being adjusted.

In today’s video I share the way that I work with the child that says No!

It’s crucial to create an environment where both the child and the parent feel relaxed and where you feel in control!
If you find that you have a child that is constantly saying No, – make sure to not adjust them last.

Let them go in the middle, where they can see the praise that the first child has received. By making a fuss over the first child, it will encourage the No child to seek similar praise.

Never use language that leads to a yes or no answer (and in this case a no answer)! Rather use encouraging language that leads to conversation and distracts the child from negative thoughts.
This is especially important if your No child is coming in for an adjustment without any siblings.

How do you encourage children that come in for their adjustments feeling grumpy and negative? How do you work with them and their family to ensure that everyone gets their adjustments that day?

I would love to hear what you do in your practice. This is one of the trickiest situations that come up when working with kids!

Please share your tips below and start the conversation – you’ll need to register first so I know your a real person!

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