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How To Schedule Correctly

Has anyone ever helped you work out exactly what you need to know and why and how to use this information to be able to schedule a child’s adjustment plan?

In this video I go through my top five things I think about when setting a child’s schedule.

Scheduling can be one of the hardest things that a chiropractor can do, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Scheduling is all about creating momentum. Creating change, building on each adjustment and doing it correctly. The result of this will be an easy day for you which is more effective, consistent and make it a much more exciting experience for your families.

Healing takes time, restoring optimal function takes time, and retraining system takes time. But how much time for each child? The time it takes is very different for each person.

So how do you start in an area that is unique and customised?


As with any situation, creating a framework that supports decision-making in an inconsistent environment makes life a lot easier. This framework is the beginning of the larger strategy on how to look after kids through chiropractic care.

Not every chiropractor will focus on the same things in practice so it is important that each chiropractor individually sits down to work out their framework and strategy.

Here are the top 5 things I use in practice to help me schedule effectively.

1) Your technique – every technique has the same goal, to restore function and support optimal health. If you use different techniques with different children for example and diversified approach versus an activator approach you may find that the number of adjustments needed differs

2) The child’s age – a child’s age is very important when deciding on a schedule. What you do with a baby will be very different to a toddler and a school-age child. This may also be determined by technique, some practitioners will only adjust a child once a week depending on the age. If you have any rules around this, this will impact how you schedule

3) The acute/chronicity –

a. If a child is in acute pain, then you will have a priority of quickly working to support them to be at ease. This may alter how you schedule in the first few weeks of care

b. The chronicity of change is extremely important when you are deciding the frequency of adjustments and the length of the care plan. The longer standing the changes, the more scar tissue there will be, there is opportunity for more compensation, learned behaviours, and altered physiology. The longer something is an issue, in general the longer it takes to heal

4) Their chiropractic care history – if a child has been under chiropractic care previously this will alter my scheduling. A child who has been under chiropractic care will adapt faster, the body has fewer long-term health changes and will have a healthier spine and nervous system. If a child has been under regular care, but has a short break – they will reach wellness care a lot faster than other kids

5) Their health number – we use the Well Kids programme in practice and the examination is very thorough. It measures range of motion posture, movements, balance, development, cranial nerves, deep tendon reflexes and other information. The programme report generates a health number out of 100. This health number reflects how out of balance a child’s body is. The lower the number, the more is going on. So the lower the number the more adjustments the initial schedule will have

Once I have all the information that I need, I can easily make a decision.

My schedules will range from twice a week for six weeks, once a week for six weeks, twice-weekly two weeks and once a week for four weeks. Or any other combination.

At the end of the day I know exactly why I have scheduled a child the way I have and the changes I expect to see in that time.

I will always work with schedules because with it – I’m ready to work with the families knowing I have the next appointments, making each regular standard appointment easy and pressure free.

Grow the practice of your dreams & wow families with your message, improve the health outcomes of hundreds of children in your community through your exceptional paediatric chiropractic care.

Until next week, I’m Dr Jacey Pryjma from Well Kids with the Advice Chiropractors Need When Working With Kids’ See you then.

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