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Safety Warning – Safe Adjustments For Kids

A quick safety warning – safe adjustments for kids – activator & drop piece equipment.

We have a responsibility to the children we look after to ensure their safety is paramount when they visit us in practice. We know that chiropractic is a safe and effective way to care for children, but often both our clinics and our equipment can be a little dangerous if we don’t take care.

Two of the devices that I use in practice are the activator and the baby drop piece.

It is awful to think that we could accidentally hurt a child because we didn’t take extra care with the equipment we use. Here are two examples of what can happen and how to make sure that it doesn’t occur in your practice.

Using the activator:

It’s really exciting to get the child involved in helping you do adjustments. This might be using the activator on their toys that have come in for an adjustment.  (The toys brought in for adjustments to my clinic even have their own blog!)

The kids naturally want to create the click sound with the activator.
Obviously the activator is made for adult hands. It won’t work for small children. One thing is for sure that it is definitely not made for a child’s hands and your hands at the same time. If kids put their hands in the wrong place the skin could get pinched between parts of the activator. This may break the skin or give the child a blood blister. It really hurts and they will remember it.

Using a baby drop piece:

Again it can be fun to have the kids get involved and help you with using this equipment but their little fingers can get caught underneath so try not to allow them to put their hands anywhere near the size of the jockeys.

Another tip is to always ensure that you have cocked the drop piece at the last moment before you do the adjustment, because while you’re setting up, it may drop prematurely. For example, if you set a child up for sideline C1 adjustment using the drop piece and perform the adjustment without cocking the head piece – the adjustment can be uncomfortable for the child. So the last thing, before you place your hands into the final adjusting position is, cock the drop piece.

Have you had any incidents with the activator on the baby drop piece? I would love to hear your thoughts and read your comments below.

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