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How To Motivate & Praise Kids

I’ve always believed that being healthy and learning how to be healthy is a fun thing.

How cool is it we all have a body that is just so smart that it knows how to self-regulate and heal all the time – when the nervous system is happy and healthy. In this video I share with you how I motivate and praise the kids under care – so they love their visits even more!

We are in the chiropractic profession for lots of different reasons, but one thing we have in common is that we are passionate about helping people.

Some of us love the results we see our patients achieve; others love working with people the most, some of us like the physical adjusting and having a hands-on craft and some of us love the lifestyle that comes with being a chiropractor. We all continue in this profession and want to share chiropractic with others; our energy in practice comes from our passion of chiropractic and its potential to change lives.

Sharing that passion in practice is very exciting for our families. Seeing a professional that loves their job is inspiring, motivating and reassuring to parents that they are in the right place for their families.

But parents are only one half of the picture, what about the kids in your office? How do you translate your passion into action with the kids? How do you motivate kids to continue enjoying chiropractic and make healthy choices outside of the practice?

How do you celebrate their participation in long-term health care? How do you educate them and help parents encourage kids to do the right things for their body along the way?

Here are three things I do in my office daily to motivate and praise kids.

Action One

Talk about their jobs and responsibilities at home over and over. I always teach kids that their role at home is to do all the things necessary to keep their switches turned on for longer.

  • What they have to drink
  • What they need to eat
  • That they need to go to bed when mum asks
  • That they need to play outdoors and not sit in the afternoons

Action Two

I also engage them further by getting excited about achievements

  • Their sporting
  • Schooling
  • And doing all their jobs at home that keep their switches on
  • Tell them I am proud
  1. Proud of their hard work
  2. Proud of them getting adjusted
  3. Proud of them keeping their switches on longer by doing their jobs at home
  • I have a ‘Well Kids Of The Week Board’. I write their names on the board if they have done everything they need to . I used to have one child of the week, but now I put multiple names up there (with permission of course), so everyone who comes into my room can see how many kids that get adjusted also do their healthy jobs at home.

Taking the time to engage kids in the process of being adjusting and helping them to make great choices at home, means they can be a part of the journey and not just a passenger.

Keeping kids motivated and engaged is essential to building long relationships with them with fond memories of their visits to the chiropractors, as they get older.

Grow the practice of your dreams & wow families with your message, improve the health outcomes of hundreds of children in your community through your exceptional paediatric chiropractic care.

Until next week, I’m Dr Jacey Pryjma from Well Kids with the Advice Chiropractors Need When Working With Kids’ See you then.

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