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Keeping The Entire Family In Chiropractic Care

Think about all the families that are in your practice.
Is every family member of every family being adjusted? Keeping the entire family in chiropractic care can be hard.
Do all siblings in every family get adjusted?
Are you looking after any families who have only some siblings receiving care?

Sometimes in can be tough for families to afford to have the entire family in chiropractic care.

They may see the values and understand the long term wellness care that it provides, but just simply cannot find the finance to extend the entire family into chiropractic care.
In these situations it is often the child that the parents perceive as needing the most care that will come in for regular adjustments.

It’s a tricky situation for you. As chiropractors our goal is to help entire families to be at their healthiest, including every member of the family!

So how do you support this family?

This is your opportunity to go off plan and change your normal procedures. Why not offer to care for the extra family members free of charge.

If you have had this situation come up, here is one way that you can approach it.
‘Sam, I really enjoy looking after your family and I want to support you more. At the moment everyone is achieving great health results with chiropractic care except Daniel. Please accept my offer of starting care for Daniel without extra charge. That way your whole family can enjoy the experience together.’

Your goal is not to make the family feel uncomfortable, but rather to make them feel like an important part of your chiropractic practice.
What a wonderful way to show that family how much you believe that chiropractic care is paramount to you, your practice and the families that you work with.

Have you had this experience in your practice? How do you offer care to families who may not be able to afford adjustments for their entire family?

I would love to hear your comments below.

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