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How to include the absent parent in care

When you start working with a new family do you have both parents present 100% of the time? If not then you have a whole other person to work with at home. In this video I go through some easy ways to include the absent parent in their child’s chiropractic care.

Parents have two main responsibilities for their families – one to ensure the health and welfare of their family is taken care of, and two, that the financial situation is being managed. Meaning that they will want to do what is best for their family’s health long term, and also ensure that their money is being spent wisely.

So how do you ensure the absent parent is confident that chiropractic care is important for their family long term and that it won’t be the first thing that is cut when budget cuts come around?

Essential Written Reports

It is essential that you have some sort of written report for the parent who is present to take home and show the parent who is absent. You need to ensure that you write down your reports and allow that family or the parent who is present to really be able to easily articulate and communicate what you have gone through in the room with the family at home.

Keep Explanations Simple

It’s important to ensure that whatever you say is simple and easy to understand and for the parent to be able to take home and communicate with the family. Don’t get caught up in your words and ensure your message is concise. It helps families to be able to communicate and understand what we are trying to achieve and the importance of it long term.

Well Kids Program Ensures Your Families Stay On Track

The Well Kids Program keeps families on track. Not only do we have written reports and care plans but we also have different ways to work with the kids in the room. We have health books for the parents to take home so that they can document how the child is going from a quality of life perspective overall. If parents are actively using these books at home, they are going to communicate with the family and can clearly see the changes in the child from when they started chiropractic care.

Wow the families in your practice and continue to support hundreds of children in your community through your exceptional paediatric chiropractic care.

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