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Implementing Progress Exams

Do you incorporate progress exams in your care plans? How frequently do you complete them?

It can often feel daunting to introduce progress exams into your routine if it isn’t something you and your families are used to.

In this video I go through some of the easy ways that you can book progress exams with kids. With my tips you will not only feel confident in the process, but you’ll see how progress exams are important for keeping families happier with your care long-term.

As chiropractors we sometimes feel we are fighting an uphill battle, we feel that people don’t get us, don’t understand us, don’t understand what we do and we get criticised in the media quite a bit. Because of this implementing change can be nerve racking when you don’t have the confidence in the strength of your current practice.

You’ll notice that the people that are very confident in practice are very happy to trial and try different things. This can be you to.

To understand how beneficial something new is you have to try it. We ask this of our patients every day – when they start care. So what stops us?

The biggest thing to remember is that although new strategies or procedures are important for us, at the end of the day its all about the patients and in the case of working with kids, how the parents feel.

If you have never booked progress exams or you have children under care long-term, but want to do a full review with them you have two options on how to approach this.

The first option comes up if your not quite sure it’s the right thing to do… your not quite convinced yet.

The conversation will go a long something like this – ‘Jenny I know Jessie has been under care for a few years now, and we haven’t done progress exams before but I really think we should do one, I might have to change her schedule, let’s book that one in’.

The result form that conversation is you feeling like your being a little pushy and the mum wondering what’s going on. ,

Now imagine you have set a new procedure that all kids need frequent re-exams, you know it’s the best thing for your families & for you as the chiropractor. You will use the information gained to support them in better ways and keep families more informed with how their child’s body is going.

The conversation will go something like this, ‘Jenny we are moving into a new year and it’s the perfect time for us to do a reassessment with Jessie. This will give us the opportunity to see how Jessie is growing and how her body is going under care, we know regular adjustments are super important but sometimes falls and other things that come up can take an extra toll on the body and these reassessments will pick up on the areas that need extra attention. I love doing these re-assessments; they give us a lot of information & help us set goals for Jessie for the next year. You will know exactly where she needs support & will help you plan out her health care and adjustments for the rest of the year.

At the progress exam were going to do a posture check, look at how well she is moving overall, I will check the nervous system and will look at some coordination and motor control tests. I know you’ll find it really interesting and it will be really fun for Jessie to.

Let’s book it in January so we hit the ground running next year.

So what did we just do in this conversation? We let mum know that this will be happening. The benefits to her, the child and how the information will help me the chiropractor do an even better job. We have talked about goals, talked about the future and how chiropractic will continue to support Jessie.

Don’t fall into the trap of doing the same adjustment every time once a month without adding direction & goals for families. We need to keep wowing them and being really present and proactive in their care so that they would never dream of leaving your practice, or stop getting their kids those much needed adjustments.

Don’t get hung up on what you have done in the past. If you want different results, then you need to take the little leaps forward. And parents will love you for it.

Grow the practice of your dreams & wow families with your message, improve the health outcomes of hundreds of children in your community through your exceptional paediatric chiropractic care.

Until next week, I’m Dr Jacey Pryjma from Well Kids with the Advice Chiropractors Need When Working With Kids’ See you then.

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