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How To Help Kids Feel At Ease

When I spoke with some of my chiropractic colleagues and asked them what they thought about working with kids I heard a few common phrases ‘kids don’t like me’ or ‘I’m not good with kids’, ‘I don’t know how to speak to kids’, ‘I’m scared of kids’ or ‘kids are scared of me’.
If you have ever thought the same thing – don’t worry you are not alone.

In today’s video we look at the 5 top reasons kids feel uncomfortable and 5 tips on how to combat that!

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The thing to remember is that it’s not that the kids don’t like you; they are just feeling uncomfortable.
Four reasons that kids feel uncomfortable and may seem shy or disinterested are:
They are uncomfortable
They don’t understand what is going on
They are anxious about what may come next
They have not had a similar experience
They have associated negative feelings with doctors before

To help children feel relaxed and look forward to their adjustments, try these three things:
Get down to their level, if you are very tall it can be quite imposing!
Make them smile – make them laugh, make jokes or funny noises
If they shy form you, gently go to them. Don’t rush
Take your time. Think of a time that you met someone and you took a little while to warm up to them. It’s ok that kids don’t feel comfortable in the first visit, they will over time.

One of the things we do with the Well Kids program is not adjust on the first visit.
The first visit is all about having fun and playing games – which are really our tests and exams to build a strong relationship from the first day.

So what do you do? Please comment below with any questions you may have or other ideas that have worked for you. I would love see your comments I read every one of them personally.
Look forward to hearing from you soon.

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