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Learn the tips and tricks to working with kids

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Get Talking About Chiropractic & Kids

Having kids in your clinic is wonderful.
Happy young spines and nervous systems and often big smiles when they come in and greet you too!
We often have kids under Chiropractic care because their families are already patients.
Are you proactive in marketing your clinic to the younger members of our community?
Do you want to increase the number of children in your practise, but just not sure how to approach the topic with parents?
Today’s video will give you three tips on how you can have an easy conversation with parents about getting their children in for a check-up!
Do you have any tips that have worked for you in your clinic? I’d love to hear them.

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18 thoughts on “Get Talking About Chiropractic & Kids

  1. Great Video Jacey! Helpful tips as always.
    We find that making your office look like you take care of kids often starts the conversation without having to say a thing. Have lots of toys, hang their drawings up, stock up on LOADS of stickers an stamps. All of this tells the parents that this is a place for kids too.

  2. Great work Jacey!! Thanks for the tips.

    I often try and link what’s going on with the person I’m adjusting with a story of a child in our office. So for example I’ll say, “Mary, it’s so tight here (palpating cervical spine) it must be related to all those hours in front of a computer! Speaking of the same neck area, just this week I had a baby girl come in for a check up that had stress in the same part of her neck. Obviously, she hadn’t been using a computer! But her parents brought her in because she was irritable and wasn’t breastfeeding very well. Our gentle kids care help remove that stress and now she’s a happy little Vegemite, mum and dad are also happy!”

  3. Great suggestions for chiros to help them start conversations with their patients! Why wait for clients to bring it up? Start the conversation so that we know where they are at and start crafting a message that matters to them!

  4. Most patients ask, “How are you?” at the start of their consult in reply to you asking them. So use the opportunity to say something like, “I am great. We just has the most wonderful results with a little girl who was booked in for grommets but with Chiropractic adjustments and dietary changes she is hearing just perfectly!”. Range of topics can alter from growing pains to bed-wetting. Love your work Jacey, Jemma x

    • Great one! I think that it is get easier with practice too. If you decide you are going to tell 5 people about great results before your shift – you are more likely going to do it!

      Thanks Jemma

  5. Great video Jacey!
    Love the tips. While treating patients, I like to bring up the topic that we treat children and the great results we get. It tends to start the conversation and questions on how chiropractic can help.

  6. Great job Jacey!

    We take tonnes of photo’s in our clinic of kids getting adjusted, and have them up on certain walls so patients see the kids (some only a few days old) getting their adjustments. Its a great conversation starter, I’ve had a lot of parents bring their kids in for a check from this. Being open plan helps too because patients who are waiting for their appointment see the kids coming over for their adjustments.

  7. Great tips Jacey!

    So, when you do a free check up on a child that has come in with their parent who has an appointment, do you just do a quick posture analysis, ROM and motion palp exam on them? Or do you perform full new patient work up with no treatment and then suggest they book in for a treatment? What do you suggest is the best approach?

    • Great Question, my answer has two parts.

      If a child is brought in for a free check up, I try to look for a full NP appointment time. I don’t have a problem with doing the first consultation free from families who are already under care. My goal is to do a fantastic job and to support them to start chiropractic care for years to come. This way I can go through all my tests, create my report and have that ready for the family on the next visit.

      If a child is from a family that is brand new to the practice, again I am happy to do a quick spinal check (15mins). This includes range of motion, cranial and spinal subluxation screen, posture and extremity check. This makes up the first third of my normal exam. It is then done for when that child comes in for their full NP appointment.

      Before I begin the screening, I explain to the parents that today is a quick check, if I find imbalance we will organize a time to return for our full examination. If I don’t follow that procedure, I find that I do not have adequate time to do a detailed report and it does not provide the full picture of what is going to to the family.


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