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What to do with the family who aren’t sure!

What do you say when a parent says to you – I know you say chiropractic will be helpful for my child but what if I choose to not use chiropractic? What will this mean for my child?
When talking about the development of their child with a parent, we need to focus on benefits and cause and effect. We cannot predict the exact course that a child will take. There potentially may be illnesses, falls and other occurrences that we cannot forecast.
We can however talk about the different patterns that we tend to see.
Following on from your exam findings you need to talk about the types of symptoms and presentations we tend to see in practice.

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Topics to mention and discuss further are:

  • Forward head posture – extra tension on the shoulders and neck, headaches, back aches and shoulder pain
  • Pelvic changes – how that effects gait, how that can change the way a child will more their legs and where extra pressure and tension will be placed as they grow
  • Primitive reflexes, their role in overall development and how different children experience different outcomes when those reflexes do not integrate as well as they should

And most importantly, let them know that if they choose not to commence chiropractic care, they are welcome to return for a follow up check in 6, 9, 12 months’ time to see how their child is going and if your findings have changed.
Sometimes parents want to monitor before committing to a health care plan and that is ok.
We just need to make it easy and comfortable for them to return.

I’d love to hear what you do in your practise in the comments below.

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