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The Effectiveness of Posture Photos

Photos are a part of everyday life. They capture a moment in time that can now be remembered forever. When you look back at a photo, you not only remember what you were doing, but also the clothes you were wearing bring back memories, the people you were with allows you to recall friendships, and the memories of how happy and healthy you were come rushing back to you!

Photos stir emotions. They bring up memories – mostly good memories, because happy times are usually the ones we document.

So how does this relate to your chiropractic practice?

What photos also offer is an opportunity to document the past and create a comparison for the future.

Have you used photos in your practice?

If you haven’t then here are the reasons why you must start using them.

They Are Quick, Easy and Low Cost

a.            There are few tools as powerful as a photo. People and parents relate to photos. They use them every day!

b.            Taking posture photos takes 1 -2 mins at most. They either cost nothing or if you use an APP, cents at a time.

c.             They are there forever and can be referred to over and over

Powerful tool in Initial Exam 

a.            Posture pictures help with your communication

b.            They can be eye opening, as a lateral shot is never taken for the purpose of posture assessment. Parents don’t just look for that on a daily basis.

c.             It’s objective – a posture scan is OK, but a posture photo is excellent for parents to see where their child needs help.

Easy to show improvement under care

a.            Due to photos being an objective outcome it then can be retested. And compared.

b.            Shows parents obvious proof of improvement under care.

c.             They can also be printed and shown to family and friends. A very good way for families to help share the message about chiropractic care for kids.

How do you take posture pictures in practice? Do you use a camera or an APP?

I’d love to hear what you do and how posture photos have helped you in practice.

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