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Do you talk ChiropracTIC every visit?


Do you talk chiropracTIC every visit?

Do you mention the words health, adjustments, subluxation or nervous system each time families come in to your practice?

You want to ensure the families you work with know why they are getting adjusted and the long term health benefits!

It is important to remember that every visit is an opportunity to educate and repeat your key messages to your families about health and talk chiropractic as much as possible. This is how we help families make new decisions to support a greater level of health for their families.

What do you say every visit?
Do you have clever ways to educate kids and parents?

In today’s video I share the best way to talk the TIC!

Click below to watch today’s video.

Just last week I had a family in for their appointment. I was talking to their eldest child about what chiropractic care was and how their adjustments help their body to work better. He is four years old.

The comment from the parents was ‘wow that was a much easier way to understand how it works’.
The family has just transferred to me from another chiropractor.
They have been an advocate of chiropractic for a long time. But this is the first time they had chiropractic explained in very simple language for kids.
It added an extra layer of understanding and learning for them. It is so simple be effective!

Sometimes it is easy to become complacent. We start to become so friendly with our families, which I think is a lovely thing. But we need to remember that we have to talk the TIC often.

I would love to hear your thoughts about what you can do to ensure you keep on track talking the TIC. What are some of the phrases you use? Do you keep a list? Do you think of them on the fly? What are the best things you have found that you can say in practice?

Sharing your ideas here will support other chiropractors to talk the TIC more frequently. I love to hear and read your comments below.
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2 thoughts on “Do you talk ChiropracTIC every visit?

  1. Hi Jacey, when I adjust kids I often look for popcorn, being the cavitation. We then have a competition as to who has the most. I need to start changing it around a bit though as I’m aware I’m not really educating them, apart from saying that it’s going to make you healthier and feel better. I struggle with the kids that are too young to understand to reassure them. Any tips pls

    • Hi Clemmie,

      Thanks for your comment!
      As kids get older it becomes easier to get them involved in the process, but your right, linking the adjustment and the effect on the nervous system is important. Not only does this educate the kids but it really helps parents understand through repetition too.

      In this video I speak to a Well Kid named Zoe about what happened to her. You’ll see how I talk about ‘switches’ with kids. I have heard chiropractors talk about ‘popcorn’ but I found that switches are more relevant to ‘function’ based language.

      See what I did here and let me know what you think! Try it out in your practice.



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