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Learn the tips and tricks to working with kids

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Do you feel comfortable giving advice to your chiropractic families?

Do you feel comfortable giving advice to your chiropractic families?

A couple came in to see me last month, with their new baby; they were so excited to show her off.

Bubs did cry quite a lot, and dad was being really good trying to soothe the baby. I noticed that the way he was holding her wasn’t the most comfortable position.
With times like this, it is hard to know what lines we should cross.
Can we tell a parent how to do their job? No, but we can absolutely give them tips to support their child’s spine and health.
The way you bring this up, will determine your outcome.
Like any potential sticky situation, you need to ensure that you achieve a desired result. So what do I mean?

In today’s video I share a script with you to use in these situations. Click here to watch on YouTube.


Well in this situation, I didn’t want to make him feel bad, or embarrassed or cause an argument between him and his wife. I wanted him to feel empowered and in control.
So here is how I structured my conversation, it can be used for any similar situation.
Compliment + then recommendation for all parents (not targeted to them) + ask for permission to give example + compliment.

And this is what I said;
“Gosh your great with your daughter, it’s so good to have a hands on dad. One of the things that I always show my families is the great positions to hold their newborn babies that are good for their developing spine. Do you mind if I show you?
If you hold her in this way, and pat her here with this pressure to the rhythm of the heart, it’s even more soothing. That’s great! You are really a natural with her.”
Mission accomplished and dad feels great.
Do you have any special tips or tricks for parents?

Have you ever had to navigate a potentially sticky situation where you needed to add parenting advice?

I would love to hear your thoughts and read your comments below.

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