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Do you do a Report of Findings for kids?

WELL KIDS0650Every parent wants to do the right thing for their child.

Ticking off check-ups with health professionals is high on their list. That may also include a check up with the local chiropractor if recommended by a fellow parent.

Childhood check-ups with other health professionals are designed as quick screens for acute or life threatening issues or for administering vaccinations. They are not designed to increase or improve the child’s current level of health, they just ensure the child is normal and ok.

This means that as a chiropractor who is health focused, you need to communicate your goals and your findings to parents in a way that is easy to understand and explain to other family members.

Do you currently do a report of findings for kids?

Click through to watch the video to find why out you should do a report for kids and 3 things it should include.

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