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How to get your cranial work done with wiggly kids

Cranial WorkHow do you get all your cranial work done with wiggly kids that won’t sit still?

Cranial work is such an important part of working with kids, but it can be tricky when the child you’re working with is a wiggle worm!

Often a child will wriggle and squirm during their Cranial work not because it hurts, but because they just don’t feel like it!

In this video we are going to cover my top 4 tips to managing your cranial work effectively with wiggly kids.

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1. One of the easiest things to do is to ask the parents to sit on the bench while you’re working with their child. They can sit down near their child’s feet and place the child legs across their own.

In this position they can talk to the child and also help hold them still if their child decides to commando roll to the side.

2. If you’re working on a baby or young child give them something to play with or chew on. The sensory input into the mouth is so powerful it keeps them distracted, busy and many times oblivious to what you are doing.

3. Another easy way to help kids feel more at ease is – laying them on their mother’s chest or sitting the child on the mother’s lap.

There is nothing more comforting then being next to mum.

4. Finally get their siblings involved. Ask them to sing or pull funny faces.

This will not only distract the child, but help make the whole experience fun and enjoyable for everyone.

Do you have any tips to getting through your cranial work when your working with a child who is a little bit of a wiggle worm?

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