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How Your Complacency Can Harm Your Practice

There are times when we are proactive in practice and other times where we become a little complacent. In this video I’m going to show you how your complacency can harm your practice and what to do about it.

You’re thinking everything is going well, I am in control, I have this organised. We enjoy the high, but what then starts to happen is that we relax. We relax our rules, systems and procedures. We end up becoming complacent.

In an area of health where we are trying to support families to look at health in a new way, we are forever up again a tidal wave of information that makes consistency to good health practices difficult because they keep being told that you’re a victim of your own body.

You don’t have control. You need to rely on outside intervention to keep you and your family healthy.

So here are three things we tend to do when we are falling into complacency.

The Adjustment is Just Part of the Chiropractic Care

The adjustment is so powerful. It creates the shift in the body each person needs to see their body function back to its potential. Yet the adjustment is only part of the picture. Complacency tends to mean that we enjoy the time we are with families and we deliver an amazing adjustment, but we forget to do the table talk that’s going to support them to understand how chiropractic care helps them long term.

Remain Focused On Goals

We need to ensure we remain focused on our families’ goals so that when they come into our practice, our table talk connects with the goals that brought them here and the things they want to achieve.

Even if you are going well at your table talk, if the table talk doesn’t connect with their goals, then the meaning of why they come to be adjusted can be lost.

Individualise The Message

Every message needs to be individualised for each family. When speaking with a family their message has to differ from that of other families you have in your practice. At the end of the day, what we do as chiropractors is exactly the same for each family but we need to make that we articulate it in a way that suits them that individualises that message for them so they understand and appreciate the way that chiropractic can help them reach those health goals for that family.

Well Kids Program Ensures Your Families Stay On Track

The Well Kids Program keeps families on track. The Well Kids Program offers chiropractors a simple, easy system that gets results for your families by ensuring they understand how chiropractic care will support their child now AND in the future through our strategic system.

We have paperwork that supports them to understand how chiropractic supports health overall and then we make sure that we set health goals for every child. Our chiropractic care plans then come into play and that allows the family to see how chiropractic adjustments supports their child to reach those health goals.

Grow the practice of your dreams & wow families with your message, improve the health outcomes of hundreds of children in your community through your exceptional paediatric chiropractic care.

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