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Communicating Chiropractic To Kids

Working with children is both fun and rewarding. As Chiropractors we know the amazing part that we play in the long term health of every child that we see. Communicating chiropractic to kids can be tricky.
Sometimes however, we forget to really engage the children into the process. Do the kids in your practise know why they see you and what the long term benefits are?
In today’s video I have a chat with Zoe, one of my original Well Kids.
She has been seeing me for nearly 5 years and is eager to be proactive in how her body looks after itself.
The video is not scripted and is Zoe expressing her understanding of how I have explained chiropractic adjustments to her over the years!
Zoe had fallen and hit her head quite heavily onto concrete. Her first reaction after crying was, wanting to have an adjustment from me!

Can’t see the video on your mobile? Click here to watch on YouTube.

Here are the questions I asked Zoe.
Where are your switches?
Why are they so important?
When does your body work and healthiest?
So what happens when you fell over in your head?
What happened to the switches in your neck?
And what happened afterwards?
We do think that you’re sore ear might be because you had a switch off?
And what happened when we turn the switches back on?
What happened to your ear?
When your kids come in after a major fall or accident, what do you ask them?
Make sure that you communicate with children why their body gets well, what the switches do, and what your adjustments do. Ensure that both the child and the mother can see the correlation between the nervous system and health.
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