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The Best Toys To Have In Your Adjusting Room

Where there are kids, there needs to be toys. Toys provide a form of entertainment, they can be useful during your examination and they can also help engage kids in their chiropractic experience. So what are the best types of toys you need to have in your practice?

We want our practice to be full of useful things. It’s all well and good to go out a buy a bucket full of toys, but if they don’t serve a dual purpose, they can take up space and be bothersome.

So let’s choose some toys that will help you in practice and be fun for kids.

My favourite type of toys is wooden toys. They are natural and the high quality ones are covered in a bee’s wax which means they are not toxic and just look so nice.

Stacking blocks – you want to have them handy in case you need to check a child’s ability to stack as part of a child’s motor exam. They also can keep kids entertained while mum is being adjusted.

Low noise – Always pick toys that are Low noise. Believe me; I have brought in some shocking toys that lasted less than half a day. Once I realised that they were too noisy, they were either binned or donated.

Jiggly toys – These can help get kids attention – particularly babies when you want them to actively turn their head, if you are looking for an ATNR reflex. They can also help distract the younger babies and test hearing too.

Kaleidoscopes – are great to check dominance, which hand, which ear and eye a child uses more predominately. This can be easily assessed by asking the child to take the kaleidoscope (you hand it to their midline), then to listen to the beads closely when you shake the kaleidoscope and then get them to look through it at all the pretty colours. You can easily note whether it was the right or the left the child used.

Baby doll – kids love babies, this one was $15 form Kmart. They are useful in all sorts of situations, but helping the kids to do adjustments on the baby engages them in the chiropractic experience on another level.

Toys are assets to your practice. So make sure you follow my tips and choose ones that help not hinder your work!

Grow the practice of your dreams & wow families with your message, improve the health outcomes of hundreds of children in your community through your exceptional paediatric chiropractic care.

Until next week, I’m Dr Jacey Pryjma from Well Kids with the Advice Chiropractors Need When Working With Kids’.

See you then.

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