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Baby Wearing – Information For Our Families

Do you get questions from parents about baby carriers? Which carriers are better than others and why?

It’s important that we emphasise the importance of baby wearing and which features are the most important to look for when choosing a carrier.

In today’s video I go through the answers to these important questions, so you can be even more informed when you talk about baby wearing with parents.

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As chiropractors we encourage our families to embrace a holistic lifestyle that supports physical, chemical and emotional well-being for babies, infants, kids and parents alike.

There are many proven benefits to’ baby wearing’ and choosing a good carrier is essential for a comfortable and positive experience for both baby and parent.
With me today is Jane, from Babes in Arms and some gorgeous babies and their mothers to help our discussion.

With Jane we discuss:
·         What the term baby wearing means
·         The benefits of baby wearing over using a pram
·         The essential features to look for when choosing a carrier

Enjoy today’s video and please start a conversation in the comments below – I would love to hear which carriers you recommend and why.

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