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An Interview With Chiropractor & Parent About Clicky Hips

It’s really important that we check the hips of young babies every time they come to visit us. So what happens when a child that comes to see you has ‘clicky hips’?
What do we need to go through as chiropractors?

What do we need to know when we are speaking to parents about how we will manage their child?
In today‚Äôs video I am speaking with Dr Brooke Wilcher, a chiropractor and a friend of mine who has experience working with children as a chiropractor and firsthand experience as a mother of a child with ‘clicky hips’.

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An Interview With Chiropractor & Parent About Clicky Hips

Brooke has a wonderful insight into ‘clicky hips’ as a chiropractor and a mother and shares with us some tips on how to work with children that come into your practise with ‘clicky hips’.
She also shares what to focus on to help these children hold their adjustments and how to communicate with parents who are often very well informed about Hip Dysplasia and eager to have their children meet their milestones.
so I want to talk to her about some of things that she found when her daughter had to use braces.
Dr Brooke talks about management plans, tummy time, working around the brace and advice for other chiropractors with kids who have ‘clicky hips’.

I would love to hear your thoughts below. Have you worked with children in your practise who have had Hip Dysplasia?

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