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Learn the tips and tricks to working with kids

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Adjusting Room Education Opportunities

Stuck for things to say during consultations?

Want to educate families more, but cant think of things to talk about that matter?

In this video I share three ideas on how you can help educate families and start to change their habits for the better!!

Continuing to educate families, particularly the kids, is a very important way to continue to foster relationships and provide even more value to the visits in your practice.
There are going to be times that are obviously the perfect time to educate families about their health and habits. Other times you may need to initiate the conversation.
Here are three opportunities that you will experience at some point.

Scenario 1

Its mum or dads turn to be adjusted. So what do the kids do to keep them busy? Play with a phone or tablet?
Here is what you should say — Hey guys, we’ve just turned your switches on to keep your body happy and healthy. While your playing with that game, I want to you lift your arms and head like this to help keep those switches stay turned on for longer. I don’t want to see your poor spine get sore.
Posture education done!

Scenario 2

It’s the afternoon and school kids are coming in for their adjustment. Some will walk directly from school and have their school bags with them.
Here is what to say — Ok I’ve just turned all those switches back on and the fastest way for them to turn off again is to not wear your bag correctly. Let me double check you’ve got that on so you keep your body perfectly balanced.
Keeping bodies balanced education done!

Scenario 3

Kids are coming in for the afternoon, so are snacking and some will get food when they are home. Time to strike up a conversation. Now this example is for the young kids. Here is what you need to say.
Now that we have turned those switches back on, your job is to keep them on for as long as possible — which means you need to do some special things to look after your body. The first thing is to drink lots of water and make sure you eat lots of fruit and vegetables. Do you think that you can do that today?
In this situation just be mindful that Mum or Dad might be on the run and may not have fruit or vegies for afternoon tea. You don’t want to embarrass them so it’s important that you speak in general terms.

And that is it – three easy ways to educate your families while they are in for their standard chiropractic appointment.

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