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A Simple Marketing Tool For Chiropractors Working With Kids

This weeks topic came about by accident, but I discovered a simple marketing tool for chiropractors working with kids. It was something that I hadn’t planned, but was working a treat!

It all came about when several adults patients made comments on how they enjoyed watching me greet the kids as they came in and out of the practice. It became the talking point of the day and made me focus more on this ‘accidental’ internal marketing tool I was doing without realising it!

Watch the video for the internal marketing tip you can implement and it wont cost you a cent!


Well Kids A Simple Marketing Tool For ChiropractorsIdentifying a clever marketing tool like this one can help you create a fantastic experience for your patients and their friends or family who may join them in the practice.  I am sure your goals in practice are similar to mine, wanting to create a safe and inspiring environment for families to love and enjoy. A practice that teaches as well as provides the foundation for health through chiropractic care.

There are lots of websites out there dedicated to teaching chiropractors how to market their practice. Very few cover how to work with the paediatric population and their families. At the end of the day, your marketing tools for your chiropractic practice need to be something that is easy, doesn’t cost too much money and gives your practice the look, feel and energy that you strive for.

A simple hi-5 is so small, but when used in the context of marketing – the results are fantastic. Not only does it elicit emotion (who doesn’t love a happy child), but it creates the air of ‘winning’ and ‘celebration’, two things that deep down, everyone wants from your care. So that was how I discovered my simple marketing tool for chiropractors working with kids!

Have you found something similar works for you?

What are your simple strategies to not only providing a positive conclusion to your adjustments sessions with kids but creating a fantastic energy in your practice?

I would love to see your comments below.

See you next week!



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