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3 Ways To Lead Families Away From Symptom Focused Health Care

Symptom education – what is it, why is it there and why shouldn’t we focus on it? In this video I talk about 3 ways to help families move away from thinking symptoms are the issue to worry about.

Moving families away from focusing on symptoms as a measure of health needs ongoing support and repetition because of how engrained this thinking is in our society. The good thing is that there is an increased consciousness about looking after the body long-term.

So let’s look at what you can do in your practice…

Why Are The Symptoms There?

When working with families we need to make sure they understand why the symptoms are there. We want to give them a framework to work within so that they can understand that the symptoms are actually just the smoke of the fire and not the fire itself.

Symptoms Vs Function

We need to define what makes up a healthy body and this is where we start to have that conversation of symptoms vs function. Once we have this conversation with families, they can start to understand that the symptoms are actually saying that something is not quite right and we need to have a look at the whole person to see exactly where they are at and how we can improve their health from where they are today.

Chiropractic Care Based On Function

When we are working with families, we really want them to understand how chiropractic care improves a child’s health. Symptoms can be stressful for families. When we are communicating with them, we want to ensure they really understand that, as chiropractors, we are improving the way that the body is communicating so the brain is taking control of that body again and allowing things to heal. When things heal, we start to see function improve and symptoms dissipate.

Well Kids Program Ensures Your Families Stay On Track

The Well Kids Program helps families keep on track because we do an examination that is based on function. We look at over 100 different scores to ensure that their child is reaching their potential and we can identify where they need support. The 100 point score is going to be used again and again at progress exams so that families can understand how their child is progressing under chiropractic care.

Grow the practice of your dreams & wow families with your message, improve the health outcomes of hundreds of children in your community through your exceptional paediatric chiropractic care.

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