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3 Easy Communication Ideas to Conclude Your Adjustments

You may have heard the saying, the last thing you say is the first thing they remember. In today’s video we go through 3 easy ways to make the last thing you say stick!

A really simple yet powerful way to end each adjustment is to finish on a sentence that expressed the change and improvement a child is making or giving a family a goal or action to take them through to the next appointment. Either way – the last thing you say needs to be impactful and goal orientated.

Wow & Compare

There is nothing better than achieving success. Big and small; achievements need to be celebrated. Finish your consults with a Wow statement. This can be from a quick glance at their initial consult sheets, posture pics or exam notes.

Resilience Through Chiropractic: What Does It Look Like?

When we are working with families we are going to see some pretty amazing transformations. It’s not just going to be symptoms that we see. We are going to see that their child’s body is improving in resilience. We need to communicate what resilience looks like to our families to ensure they know what to look for. This will make families more aware of the way that chiropractic supports their child’s body to be more resilient.

Well Kids Program Ensures Your Families Stay On Track

The Well Kids Program helps you stay on track with your families long-term. It gives you some really good things that you can talk about at the end of your consults with every family. We can easily look at how a child is progressing overall under chiropractic care because we can see all of the detail on the paperwork in front of us. Families can leave with a really good feeling about chiropractic care and the way they have proactively taken care of their health long-term.

Wow the families in your practice and continue to support hundreds of children in your community through your exceptional paediatric chiropractic care.

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