2015 WEBINAR - The 5 Top Ways To Kick Start The New Year! - Dr Jacey Pryjma

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2015 WEBINAR – The 5 Top Ways To Kick Start The New Year!

2015 Webinar - 5 To Ways to Begin the Year - new moves!

Its the end of 2014!!! What a year.

As I clean the house to start the year off with a clear mind and room for growth, I am slowly going through draws, pantries, cupboards and of course the office – Well Kids Headquarters. One of my favourite things to do at this time of year is to look through my notes, goals and thoughts I jotted down in notebooks over the year.

The best place of all is goals I have on a napkin.

Four years ago, my wonderful friends and I were sitting in a cafe contemplating the world and how we were going to make our mark in the coming year. We wrote a list of goals on a napkin – not dreams (as they are just goals without a plan), but the goals we were really determined to fulfill with vision, attention and action. We have done this now for four years…. guess who has all those napkins. Me!

So as I revisit these napkins, I’ve SMS each of my friends their list to compare and reflect. What did we achieve? What do we need to keep aiming for, what goals do I need to rethink? All essential questions. Whats beautiful is that each of us had very individual and specific goals. Its not about comparison but encouragement to think BIGGER!! That’s why working with others while you goal-set can be so powerful.

NOW is the time (if you haven’t already) to write down the next set of goals, the goals that will take you through 2015 and into a fantastic 2016.


This means its time for you and I to have our own coffee catch up on Wednesday 14th Jan – 8pm.

It time to really sit down and look at your plan for your practice. How are you going to support families this year? What do you need to improve on?

What are top 5 ways to kick start the New Year? Join me at 8pm on this Wednesday night and lets kick start 2015 with energy, passion and plans to make it a fantastic year!

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